Exclusive Interview with Delhi’s Best Content Writer and Marketer, Ashwarya Ralhan


We are very pleased to interview Ashwarya Ralhan who is a Content Writer and marketer from Delhi, who has been doing a commendable job in the field of Content Writing and Curation.

Her journey began as a blogger and is the founder of GoHealthyOnline website currently, she is the founder of Ashwaryaralhan.com and working on her Personal Content Marketing Brand, which would be coming soon.

Ashwarya Ralhan was always interested in journalism and wanted to pursue it but eventually, she became a Content Marketer.

She has worked with well-known brands such as Livon, Pantene, Mama Earth and has given brands and companies new ideas of acquiring new marketing strategies.

Ashwarya also mentioned that she did not have any support for her journalism nor did her family want her to be a Digital marketer. Her family saw her as a Doctor always but she always wanted to do something different from others, she wanted to be an RJ but she couldn’t pursue that cause she was an introvert.

But her life took a turn when she decided to pursue Digital marketing as a career.

Q What inspired you to be what you are today?

The one person who inspired me the most is my Aunt i.e my Bua. She had always been kind to me, motivated me, helped me out, supported me, and guided me through all the tough phases of life. She was the one who encouraged me to pursue the field of writing and everything I wanted to do in my professional as well as my personal life. She means everything to me because whatever I am today is only because of my aunt. If not for her I wouldn’t have accomplished anything. She was my inspiration and will always be my strength. I love her for what she has made me today and all the values she gave me. If you want to know Who is Ashwarya Ralhan today? And who is my inspiration? I am what I am because of my Bua.

Q What was your journey like as an Entrepreneur?

I started my journey as a blogger and a content writer. I initiated my journey in content writing by working with some media agencies for strategy. I have worked for well-known brands such as Livon, Pantene, Mama Earth P&G, Sunsilk, and moreover, have served 50+ Clients for content Writing successfully.

Working with them gave me more creative ideas and plans for digital marketing. My journey was a very exciting one and I learned many different things about how to create exceptional content that actually speaks for your brand and helps you in growth and now working on my personal brand.

Q What are the biggest challenges you had to face in your professional career?

The biggest challenge I had to face was the fact that I was a shy, introverted person who lacked confidence, which I believe is the most important part of this job. I even had no courage to speak to the people about the job at hand on an individual level. I had no guidance or support but after working for the brand Livon I completely changed as I was not a shy person anymore and found that I had gained the confidence that was needed. I was able to overcome all my fears and you can say that I have not looked back ever since. It was a turning point in my life

Q How do you handle the pressure and anxiety while working?

Whenever I am under pressure or anxious, I listen to music, make memes about myself, or write a poem or a story to ease myself. One of the best ways to handle pressure is to listen to some good music as it can refresh your mind and give you a fresh start again. I admit that I am not perfect, and like anyone else, I have my flaws make mistakes that sometimes bring immense pressure and anxiety but I choose to deal with them and gradually conquer them all so that it doesn’t become a problem later on.

Q Most people think it’s easy to be what you are today?

What is your statement on that?

To be what I am today took a lot of dedication and hard work I failed a lot of times but I never gave up. I put in all my time and worked hard for all that I have achieved. It is not as easy as people think it is. To be what I am today required many sacrifices and finally, I have accomplished this particular dream of mine. People might say it is easy to accomplish what I have accomplished but it just is not. Not until you work hard for it and are willing to spend sleepless nights. The best tip for the readers is to never feel demotivated as demotivation is our biggest enemy and only we can deal with it

Q Does your Professional life interfere with your Personal life?

Yes, professional life does interfere with my personal life and not only me but it also affects other people as well the best way to solve this is keeping both the life balanced and giving an equal percentage of time to both. Do not keep it unbalanced because it might affect your personal life as well. Keep it balanced and everything will be just fine. I try to keep them separate because that is how we can spend equal time with our family and stay committed to our work too.

Q If you get a chance to advise your younger self what would it be?

I made many wrong decisions in life rather than spending time on my growth and career. If I could get a chance to advise my younger self it would be about the hard work she has to put in and also about how she should focus on building herself up and her career as well and not get stuck or make the same mistakes as I did. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and change the mistakes I made but I can’t. But I’m happy with what I am today because, in the end, I did work hard to accomplish all of this.

Q. Apart from doing content writing, what are your other hobbies?

My hobbies are listening to music, watching web series, traveling and the interesting fact is they are something that provides me content for my writing. My initial writings were about personal life, kinds of people in the metro, types of teachers, types of friends. They all are connected in a way.

Q. Where or who do you want to see yourself in upcoming years, say in the next five years?

So, in the next five years, I want to see a better version of myself first of all. Then, by God’s grace, I also want to establish my brand for which I need a lot of exposure and experience. I am already working on my Personal Brand i.e Ashwaryaralhan.com  and Askdigitalash I hope, one day I can achieve what I want to and in the next five years, I will wish myself there having my own Content Marketing Agency, till then I will be serving clients just like as I do on a freelance basis.

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