Dooriyan, An Un-Fathomable Tale of Love Featuring Sachin Vashist, Stuti Goyal & Shiraz Ahmed


Now in the unlock phase, actors and musicians have been busy chalking out plans to restart the shoot of the films and music videos that were halted due to pandemic. Realizing the need of the hour, Assort Band came up with the idea of recreating a romantic number from the Hindi Film Industry.

Yeh Dooriyan from the 2009 romance-drama Love Aaj Kal. Whenever it comes to remixing a song, usually people are divided into two groups, one which supports and appreciates the trend, whereas the other which totally disagrees with the idea of recreation, saying that it completely ruins the essence and purity of the original song. Shiraz Ahmed, who has to lend not only his voice but his heart and soul to Dooriyan was very cautious about the above fact.

Teaming up with Supranshu Khanna and Yogesh Rana for music and DOP respectively, Shiraz tried his best to enhance the beauty of the song keeping in mind not to alter its real essence. To accomplish his desire he collaborated with two most outstanding artists of the time Sachin Vashist and Stuti Goyal.

Sachin has proved his versatility in many commercials, daily soaps, and feature films is just perfect for this music video. Sachin is someone who is extremely passionate about his craft, but at the same time, he is a man with varied interests, who equally enjoy his life away from the limelight.

The leading lady of the project, Stuti whom you have seen in many out of the box videos on her YouTube channel is equally talented and both of them make a perfect pair. Their makeup is done by Monica Sharma.

The video is all set to release on Thursday on 10th of September on the YouTube channel of Assort Band. Its teaser has already created a buzz among the youth. Let’s see what impact it would make on the audience because it has got all that a song needs to hit the playlist!

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