Sachin Vashist Shares his work experience in plays with theatre groups


For Sachin Vashist, his start in professional life was with modeling. He worked with top brands and companies giving the best ads and commercials.

He did his modeling and camera acting skills course as well and always knew he would try his luck in acting. Hence while going good in his modeling career, he also joined various theatre groups to be the part of various plays as an artist. The moot idea was to shape his acting skills.

He has worked with more than 50 plays with Bela theatre group, and performed in National theatre festivals. which talks about the volumes of exposure he has got in this world. While talking about his experience working in theatre groups, he said for him theatre for the best thing to happen in his life.

He explored and learnt the basics of theatre from this place, which taught him a lot about the acting world. He further said that for any top theatre artist one has to have the power to hold on a stage and perform rather than the so called star quality.

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