Vivaan Shah & Zoya Afroz’s Kabaad The Coin Coming on May 17


Mumbai: Due to the global pandemic Coronavirus, many film producers have to release their films on OTT. Over the past year, many big stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Ayushmann Khurrana, Vidya Balan have been screened on OTT. Vivaan Shah and Zoya Afroz starrer film Kabaad – The Coin will be released on May 17 on the leading OTT platform MX Player.

Directed by Varadraj Swami film Kabaad – The Coin will feature Vivaan Shah and Zoya Afroz in the lead roles along with Atul Srivastav, Abhishek Bajaj, Imran Hasnee, Bhagwan Tiwari, Yashshri Yashashri Masurkar and Shahzad Ahmed in pivotal roles.

Under the banner of MBN Entertainment, Kabaad – The Coin is produced by Babban Negi and Meena Negi and co-produced by Deepak Prajapat. The Film is directed by Varadraj Swami. The film’s story, screenplay and dialogue are given by Shahzad Ahmed and Varadraj Swami. The film is shot in Mumbai and music is released by Zee Music Company.

Actor Vivaan Shah says ”Trying to play a Kabaadiwala was a fascinating process. We have all observed hatgadi pullers on the road in our everyday life, but to truly replicate the nuances, body language and cadences of a Ragman required some focused study and observation. The way they pull the cart or the calls they send out across the streets to sell their wares. It is all very specific and needed to be replicated authentically.”

He further adds, “In these, I played a servant boy, a driver, a waiter and a Dalit respectively. I would say Kabaad – The Coin belongs to a similar category where it has a proletarian hero. I find that more interesting than playing a big city boy or a privileged person. The director Vardaraj Swami and the writer Shahzad Ahmed were of invaluable help to me in trying to render true the nuances, speech, and practices of a Kabaadiwala. I’m playing a Maharashtrian character called Bandhan and I just had a blast speaking in Mumbaiya because that is the language I have grown up speaking with my friends on the street. It’s a vernacular I am deeply familiar with and hopefully, I have been able to represent it authentically in the film.”

Vivaan Shah Further added Varadraj Swami is one of the most talented current time directors, it’s a great pleasure for me, working with him. I learned a lot from him; he is a new-age master filmmaker.

Director Varadraj Swami says When an artist is born in an environment, where art is being talked around all the time, from the parents to the entire environment. In such a situation, the expectation of that person to be a talented artist becomes strong and society also expects the same from that person. These things fit exactly on Vivaan Shah and Vivaan sets on this parameter. In fact, acting is in the blood of Vivaan Shah. And this is very beneficial for a director in the current era; I can also get the acting done to Vivaan Shah the most difficult character in today’s date. I believe in his skills.

Producer Babban Negi said that, “Kabaad The Coin is a film which is a new direction for society, the most important thing is that the film gives a very important message in an entertaining way. The director Varadraj Swami has interestingly depicted the film. We are confident that the audience will like this film very much.”

Kabaad The Coin is based on human psychology, which reflects many types of feelings like love, romance, fraud and deceit. We often get to hear that if there is no money, there is nothing. Money is everything. He is the almighty. Everybody wants money either by hook or crook. There is a killing going on around the world for money. As if a war is going on. Everyone is running after money and money is killing everyone. The director has tried to depict this subject amusingly through this film.

The story of Kabaad The Coin begins with a boy named Bandhan living in a slum area of Mumbai. One day, working at the junk Bandhan gets five hundred years old Ram Siya precious gold coins from the era of Emperor Akbar. He is filled with self-confidence.

Meanwhile, Bandhan falls in love with Roma, a high society girl, and Bandhan expresses his love by giving a gold coin to Roma. Roma realizes that these are the precious gold coins, so on instigating by her boyfriend Sam, she pretends to love him to get coins from the Bandhan. But Roma falls in love with Bandhan. The story of money, love and deception becomes interesting.

Does Bandhan fall prey to this deception of Roma? Or Roma changes her plan in the love of Bandhan. What will Sam do, who is using his girlfriend for the greed of money, you will have to watch the movie Kabaad The Coin on the MX Player from 17 May.

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