William Jefferson Jr. : Actor and Award Winning Filmmaker


William Jefferson Jr (born September 11 1994) known professionally as an American Actor, Award Winning Filmmaker and Entrepreneur.

William started his career in 2013 doing a popular web series on YouTube Juke ” A Chicago Story” which hit over 1 million views. He is born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

He graduated from Simeon Career Academy in 2013 and then proceeded to a historical black college Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama to pursue communications. There he studied radio, tv, & film.


When William was younger, he told his mother that he wanted to act but she didn’t have the right resources so she got him involved with everything else Karate, Boy Scott, Baseball, Dancing etc.

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His first major role co starring in Chicago Fire as “Young Man”. With the help of his agent. William then continued his acting career in another web series titled “Tracey Story” as Matthew which also hit over 100k Views and 2 Brothers A Chicago Lifestyle which also hit 1 million views William has collaborated with other Indie Filmmakers in Chicago and has since directed and produced his own projects.

William is set to star in several upcoming films, and projects under Mobula Productions. Who have been produced by Emmy- Nominated Producer. Aside of Being the creative Artist He loves his God, Traveling, and Trying new foods. He also likes to sing when no one is looking 

He has appearance in The Jam show as a guest and The shade room that went viral on working with GHerbo , Nick Cannon on the feed the city challenge.

Denzel Washington, Samuel L Jackson , Will Smith all inspiring him to be a better actor.

He would like to work with names like Tyler Perry , Jordan Peele , and Lena Waithe. 

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