WEB3 Fashion Innovators unite with CHARLI COHEN Joins GMONEY on his ADMIT ONE Podcast


Host of the Admit One Podcast, gmoney, brings together innovators and thought leaders in the metaverse through his “founder’s series.”

As creative director of luxury house 9dcc, gmoney’s in the constant orbit of fashion designers and international labels sharing knowledge and spreading adoption on how the new space will intersect with style.

His podcast’s latest episode features the globally recognized fashion designer Charli Cohen (@charlicohen), the founder and CEO of RSTLSS, a digital fashion label launching in 2022 as a new expression of her empire.

With this new Web3 native label, her and her team are dedicated to providing tools for brands to cultivate and monetize their identity in the metaverse.

RSTLSS has caught the attention of investors like Kevin Lin, Paris Hilton, and Red DAO by breaking long standing barriers in the fashion industry.

A fashion designer with over a decade of experience, Cohen has created immersive experiences by blending both gaming and fashion, as seen in collaborations with gaming entities like Assassin’s Creed and Pokémon as well as physical products with Selfridges, Reebok and AKILA.

Now with RSTLSS she is creating paths for other designers to stake their claim in web3 fashion.

Admit One podcast with gmoney “How Charli Cohen is Democratizing the Fashion Industry with RSTLSS” episode:




0:00 – INTRO

1:24 – How she became the Ray Donovan of the metaverse

2:30 – Start of the fashion industry

07:51 – What was your reason for having different digital identities? 

09:06 – gmoney explaining his alt personality to his real one

11:08 –  Charli’s collaboration with Assassin’s Creed

12:51 – Charli coming into web3

16:11 – What is RSTLSS and its origin story 

17:43 – The unique interoperability of RSTLSS

19:20 – Experience of transitioning as a founder from web2 to web3

23:46 – The lessons learned from CHARLI COHEN brand

26:19 – Managing a team as a founder in web3

34:34 – The gamification in RSTLSS

39:53 – Details of genesis drop

41:53 – The benefits of building an exclusive community

43:31 – Fave NFT


ABOUT gmoney

Creative Director. Futurist. Disruptor. gmoney (@gmoneyNFT) is a renowned NFT cultural thought leader, educator, and community authority – perhaps best known for sporting his iconic orange beanie, CryptoPunk. He is one of the largest NFT collectors in the world today. gmoney sold Visa and Galaxy Digital the CryptoPunks they purchased for their collections.

He was featured on Fortune’s NFTy 50 most influential people in the NFT world and was recognized on the 2022 NFTNow NFT100 list. gmoney regularly educates people on why the largest corporations in the world are rushing into crypto, and how blockchain and Metaverse strategy will be critical for future success and monetization.

His latest creation a luxury house titled 9dcc by gmoney seeks to move his thought-leadership into the fashion space, and in turn introduce luxury retail to the  web3 world. gmoney prominently uplifts POC, women, and other minorities in the space, positioning himself as a trusted, authentic, and diverse voice.

WEB: g.money

IG: @gmoneyNFT
TW: @gmoneyNFT

YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/gmoneynft

For more information, please contact:

Kenneth Loo / [email protected]

JR Walker / [email protected]

About Charli Cohen:

Charli is the founder of RSTLSS and her eponymous fashion brand. She has been dressing the multiverse since 2013, taking physical fashion into digital and in-game experiences, working with everyone from Ubisoft, to Pokémon, to Reebok.

Pioneering the Technical Fashion category and listing Forbes 30 Under 30, Charli has built a reputation as an expert at the intersection of fashion and tech. 

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