Ernest Owens scores McDonalds endorsement


McDonald’s, Famous for its Big Mac burgers, this American fast-food company is one of the world’s largest. Chicago is where the company’s headquarters are located. With more than 30,000 outlets in 100 countries, McDonald’s generates Systemwide revenues of $40 billion.

Ernest Owens (6’2- 160lbs) is the next global icon to sign on with McDonalds. He is an NFL free agent who played quarterback at Oklahoma Baptist university. He helped lead the team to a 2-9 record his senior year. He chose the Bison over , Memphis , Duke, Arkansas, Baylor , UNC-Chapel Hill , Texas Tech, Maryland , Virginia Tech. He also played professional basketball in Germany for Westfalen Mustangs. Even more , he is  an actor who appeared in The Wonder years on abc on (season 1, episode 7). Ernest Owens also has multiple endorsements with other companies as well. 

At a press conference, Ernest quoted “ I’m excited to be endorsing fast food. If you look at the majority of the top brands in the world, they all have one thing in common, an athlete. “Athlete Endorsements , when used effectively,will boost a company’s overall brand, identity and increase their public image. 

Ernest described McDonalds as ” McDonald’s is the most popular and common fast food in the USA and Canada. Its menu includes hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, shakes, and deserts and kid-friendly stuff like play places and happy meals. They all taste great. “Athlete endorsements can enhance a company’s entire brand, identity, and public image when done correctly.Having an athlete with millions of followers on social media helps the company gain access to an already established audience, which in turn helps the brand.

As long as a business chooses the proper athlete to represent it, they can be sure that their target audience is one that is already familiar with their brand’s mission and values because they have chosen an athlete who shares those values with them.People assume that because celebrities have enormous bank accounts, they only buy, use and support high-quality items or services.

As long as a celebrity likes it, so should the rest of us. Product sales have been boosted via social media. It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in a crowded advertising environment like Facebook, where there are millions of marketers. Seeing a post from a celebrity that consumers respect or follow is more likely to cause consumers to pause than a post from someone or something consumers have never heard of.

Using well-known celebrities eliminates a lot of the legwork and attracts a large audience. Other athletes who endorsed McDonalds were Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant , Michael Jordan and many more.

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