Actor Sonu Sood Revealed, His Father Also Runs Langar Everyday

  • Exclusive conversation with Bollywood film star Sonu Sood.
  • Sonu Sood, who has sent 18 thousand workers to their homes by buses so far.
  • Everyday feeding about 40-45 thousand people.

Bollywood film star Sonu Sood has made a special place for himself in the hearts of people by arranging to send workers from buses to their homes. So far they have reached 18 thousand people to their homes.

He estimates that by the end of this crisis, he would have done the work of delivering about one lakh people to his home. They are also providing daily meals to 40-45 thousand people.

He told that his father still runs a small shop in Punjab and through this shop, he feeds the langar to the hungry every day.
Perhaps due to these same rites of father, Sonu Sood could feel the pain of the laborers and came out on the streets to help them.

He said that he lives with the family. In such a situation, they are also afraid of corona infection, but with caution, they go among the people and send people to their homes.

He said that if he did not go on the streets, the message would not go out among the people that someone is like him who is helping them. That is why they decided to go among the laborers themselves.

Sonu Sood said that he was deeply pained to see laborers wandering the streets with his entire family.

They felt that they should do something for them because these laborers have built the houses in which they live, the streets they walk, the studios in which they work.

In such a situation today, when they are going through a period of suffering, they should do something to ease their suffering. This was the reason that they took to the streets to send those laborers to their homes.

Sonu Sood said that his first bus went to Karnataka with laborers. While sitting on this bus, he could never forget the tears of joy in the eyes of the laborers.

It was that scene that inspired him to move forward and do something for the people.

Named Sonu Sood

Impressed by the work of Sonu Sood, a woman named her child Sonu Sood. On question about how he felt on hearing this, the film actor said that when he came in the film industry, some people said that he would not be able to achieve fame with this name.

On this, he had said that if this name has brought him here, he will carry the same name even further. He turned down the suggestion to rename his friends. But today when the woman named her child after him, she felt very happy to see it.

The son said, he is unable to give us time

On question that people have to work continuously to send them to their homes, how are they keeping pace with their family and personal life, Sonu Sood said that they have to work till late night And they have not been able to sleep for the last three-four nights.

But people are trusting him and want to approach him day and night and reach his home, the idea that motivates him to continue working.

He explains, his son told him that he was unable to give them time. On this, he told his son that it is because of this time that thousands of people are able to spend time with their parents and their families.

This thinking constantly motivates them to do a lot.

Sonu Sood, who achieved fame by playing the role of Chedi Singh in the movie Dabangg, said that he himself had once come to the city as a migrant.

Today, when other migrants are going through trouble, they also see their image in them and that is why they are constantly helping them.

He said that seeing his work, many people are getting inspired and are coming forward to help him.

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