Alex Koss, a German Rapper, is a Young Ruler in Rap World


Alex Koss is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer who has revolutionized the whole society. His music is often described as a mixture of melodic rap and contemporary R & B. While most of his songs are in English, some are in German too.
Alex is one of the topmost rap artists from Karlsruhe, Germany, and is known for its calm and nostalgic rhythm. He is making people all over the world fall in love with his unique sound. He says that he has always known that he was meant to entertain people and make music.

At the age of 6, Alex began to play classical guitar, resulting in writing his first lyrics at just about 12 years of age. With the assistance of his father who may be a sound engineer, he was ready to find his way into the planet of manufacturing and music theory. He visited a highschool with a music profile and took part in its dance band as an electrical guitarist. He also went on a concert tour to the USA.

In 2019, Alex started a series called “Freestylefriday” on YouTube. There, he performed his lyrics on instrumentals of modern hits every Friday for 12 weeks. That year he released “Wie wir uns verlieren”, “Moves” and “Halftime” as his own, full productions. “Moves” even managed to make it into the radio show “Radio Jam FM Berlin”.
He tries to put all his emotions, experience, and feelings into his music to uplift everyone. He thinks that it’s important to not only have uplifting songs that help you push through hard times but also have to build confidence to keep going and never lose hope and never give up.

On top of that, Alex gave his first interview survive “Radio X Frankfurt” that year. In early 2021, Alex released his first English song “Just A Vibe”, which even got played on “Big Fm”, an enormous German station .

Alex’s newest release “Beautiful Angel” is his most emotional & mature song. It features a poetic intro leading into a huge drop with 808s, rap, and modern R&B-vocals, in both English and German. The song features a heavy, epic feeling and is amid a movie noir type music video, shot in Potsdam, Germany.

He said that music is the only way that anyone can be able to move past rough patches. He just makes music that real and that’s what makes me stand out as an artist. He said that he will always remember those who believed in him who didn’t. He will keep going and make music for his lovely fans.

Alex music can be heard on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. and follow him and listen to his latest album


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