2021 is going to be my year: Krishna Singh Thakur


What led Krishna to the music industry?

The road less traveled always leads to an incredible destination. And here, we have proof. Krishna Singh Thakur started his event management company in 2013 and earned great success in that business which at a point in time became so big that it used to organise concerts for all the biggest pop and hip-hop artists of the Indian subcontinent.

The love that he used to see in the eyes of the audience and the energy in the concerts made him fall in love with this art genre. And after years of hard work and hustle, he finally debuted with his song “I am a Star Baby” in collaboration with Zee Music.

What makes Krishna Unique?

In any form of creativity, it is important to experiment with your style. Krishna very well understands what Indian listeners want and he is willing to take calculated leaps of faith in future. He told is about his plans and his upcoming projects.

Upcoming releases from Krishna.

After the successful release of “I am a Star baby”, he is ready with another party banger “Super Star Peg”. And guess what? We will not have to wait longer. Song is expected to drop sooner than you imagine.

We all know how songs that have a party theme it has always found a special place in the playlists of Indians, It would be interesting to listen to this song playing in the nightclubs and parties. The music video has been shot in the beautiful locations of Mauritius and in some of the most lovely places in our country.

Future projects and More

Krishna told us that he is looking forward to experimenting with his style and see what is the taste of the Indian audience and how people would like the most to listen to his songs. To do so, he is planning to release a song every month which shows his dedication to achievement. It shows that focusing on the process is what takes you to the destination.

We all can have many takeaways from his inspirational journey. We wish him all the best in his 2021 plans.

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