Mr. Bonnet talks about his first music album “Love Bonneto”


A 22 year old guy who’s doing wonderful in the sphere of music and his amazing and unique skills and looks has made him the king of this niche, he just aims to spread love and unity in the world through music. From Southside Jamaica Queens, New York this gentleman is “Mr.Bonnet”

Mr. Bonnet (Yunus Robertson) released his first music album “Love Bonneto” in February 2020, this album has 10 songs in total and is currently one of the best hits on spotify as well as on apple music, you can also see Mr.Bonnet collaborating with TC and FMB DRE in some songs of his music album “Love Bonneto”.

Journey of Mr. Bonnet till his first music album “Love Bonneto” in his own words.
I stepped in the globe of music in the middle of the year 2017, first I thought it would be very easy for me to achieve everything in a short period of time but I was wrong.

I wrote lyrics, I sung songs but some songs didn’t get popular and some songs didn’t even get a chance to release, then I realized that I should do something unique if I wanna attract the audience towards me and after that I started wearing a bonnet which was just apart of my everyday life because having my hair covered was a big thing for me but people started loving that look of mine and it really worked, for me it was like a reward out of nowhere.

As people started loving my look with a bonnet so I thought that I should make something unique which would resemble my looks and style as well as something which would spread love and unity in the world and then I started started working more hard with a spice of fun, and after a time period for about 5 and a half months finally I made an album and that was “Love Bonneto”.

Mr.Bonnet’s words for his album “Love Bonneto”
I was happy with it I tried to make it stand out by having a verifiy of melodies and punchlines while also keeping it fun so people can dance to it. I just had fun with this album and people loved the way I presented myself in the videos and the way I sung in all the 10 songs, Love Bonneto shows my versatility and its just the beginning. I hope everyone enjoyed this project as much as me.

Today Mr.Bonnet is a verified artist on Apple Music as well as on spotify with over 119K monthly listeners. Not even this, he also has a fan following over 111K on instagram.

But this is just the beginning of Mr.Bonnet’s success, he wants to show his skills of music in front of the whole world and the only thing he needs is your support and he’s surely gonna kill and shock everyone with his upcoming tracks.
We wish him best of luck for his future.

Follow him on Apple Music/Spotify “Mr.Bonnet” and Listen his first music album “Love Bonneto”.

Follow him on instagram “@bonito_bonnet”

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