BaggLo on Industry Mode


BaggLo is a rapper born July 17, 1986 who makes music and first went viral on Spotify from “bagg talk” and got hot in his city once he was released from prison.

He loves to listen to all genres of music and get the feel of how everyone expresses their self with music. He also loves going fishing and hunting for animals Which is what he grew up doing with family.

BaggLo started music by playing drums for marching band in school and look how far that got him today.

Tell us more about you:

Industry mode means to me is all gas no brakes! I am in it to win. Yes I do want it all the bands the jewelry the houses and cars. I’ve always wanted to do this since a kid but troubles like Jail kept me from pursuing the music career. I had to focus on keeping a job for parole or probation so music was just a hobby. Now that I’m focused I can work toward my music career which is building now.

To be honest what made me want to pursue wrapping was looking at Fabulous and the Hot Boy in New Orleans. Them dudes always was shiners.

I want to start like them. I go to the studio at least once a week to get it in but I write music almost every day. I even go to the studio when I don’t have sessions just to support my other friends that do music at the same studio I record at. I support the support.

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