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Business3 weeks ago

Shashwat Singh: Youngest Digital Entrepreneur From Nalanda

Shashwat Singh is a Successful Youngest Digital Entrepreneur who owns a digital media company called ‘Shashwat media’. Shashwat Singh, Nalanda...

Entrepreneurship3 weeks ago

13 habits that are necessary to become an influential person

Most of the people want to be influential person, to be able to lead and solve problems and create real...

Entrepreneurship4 weeks ago

Abdullah Zubayer, a Social Media Influencer, an Entrepreneur at the age of 25

Abdullah Zubayer, one of the topmost bangladeshi media influencers, carries the tag of success lightly on his shoulders. Instead, he...

Entrepreneurship4 weeks ago

The Success Story Of BNCW Media And How Aditya Raj Made It Happen!

There is no shortcut for success. Only hard work and determination can lead you to your ambitions and goal you...

Adnan Ahmed Sany Adnan Ahmed Sany
Entrepreneurship1 month ago

Meet Adnan Ahmed Sany 23 years old Bangladeshi Sucessful Entrepreneur

Adnan Ahmed Sany is a very popular digital marketer. He owns his own digital marketing company called “Brobox Digital”. He...

Samimul Islam Shahed Samimul Islam Shahed
Entrepreneurship1 month ago

Samimul Islam Shahed is Bangladeshi Music Influencer, Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer

Samimul Islam Shahed is Bangladeshi-based Music Influencer,Artist,Entrepreneur,Graphic Designer,IT Specialist Digital Marketer. He is Born in 22 November in Dhaka,Bangladesh.Also He...

Asraful-Islam Asraful-Islam
Business1 month ago

Asraful Islam : The Lead Youth Icon in Bangladesh

One of the youngest entrepreneur and digital influencers in Bangladesh got success in his all startup business. All new Small...

Entrepreneurship1 month ago

Shotok Khan: Social Media Marketing Consultant From Bangladesh

Shotok Khan is an Entrepreneur From Bangladesh Who is the Founder of “BDS NETWORK”, today the name of a leading...

Entrepreneurship1 month ago

Mehraz Khan Opy is a successful digital marketer and entrepreneur in Bangladesh

An illustrious personality, the 18-year-old Mehraz Khan Opy, is a venerable guy. Mehraz Khan Opy, a digital marketing expert, a...

Entrepreneurship1 month ago

Mikail Hossain Ayon Is A Young And Successful Digital Marketing Influencer , Social Media Expert Of Bangladesh

We will impart to our notable Mikail Hossain Ayon the tales behind turning into a fruitful advanced advertiser, Social Engineer...


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